Monday, 31 October 2011

Upcoming Events for November 2011

Here are a few events which are coming this month:

At Birmingham Embroiderers Guild:

On Monday 14th, Angela Thompson is coming to talk to us about Moroccan Mosaic textiles. She's sent these two pictures, and it looks to be a very interesting session.

Rabat curtain fragment from Angela Thompson

Azemmour Cloth from Angela Thompson

On Saturday 26th, Margaret Beal will be doing her Burning Issues part I and II workshop, exploring using soldering irons to cut and fuse fabrics, and then working into these with sewing machines.


On Saturday 12th, there's a Nuno Felting workshop at the MAC. For more info, see their website.

Also on the 12th, there's a Silk Screen and Textile printing course at Birmingham Printmakers, covering how to creat and expose a screen, and then printing onto fabric.

Birmingham Museum currently have an exhibition, entitled 'Lost In Lace', about contemporary lace creations, including large scale and sculptural lace pieces. See the Lost In Lace website for more info.