May Meeting and Michala Gyetvai

This month we welcome Michala Gyetvai do follow the link to see Michala's web site.

This is sure to wet appetites for the day school June 24.

As with all meetings there will be Show and Share - if you are stuck for inspiration why not try out stitch of the quarter which is Fishbone.

Also there is a chance to borrow (for a very small fee) from the DVD and Stamp library.

Why not sign up for upcoming Day Schools with Margaret. If you fancy attending a day: 

27th May Anne Haigh will lead a Canvas Work Day this will be at a reduced cost of around £15 as Anne is being very generous with her time. Requirements list will be at the meeting and is on this blog 
June 24th is 'Experimenting with threads and fibres' with Mikala Gyetvai. 
Requirements list will be at the meeting and is on this blog. 
25 November is a workshop with Richard Box who was so entertaining and interesting at the February meeting.
Don't forget to bring along travelling books, or make arrangements for someone to bring yours along if you can't make the meeting.

Can you help pick up the exhibition pieces on Monday May 22nd, we are looking for a couple of people who can drive to Artix and help Janet Lee with packing up, the work will have been removed from the wall for us.  Please see Janet for details.

If you haven't been along yet do take the opportunity to see your own wrok and that of other members.

This months Raffle is blue-  so if you can please do bring a small contribution for the bag and see Janette for a ticket.


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