Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Branch Exhibition at Artrix 26th April to 21st May
Celebrating 40 years as a branch “Looking Forward Looking Back”

What we want to include.
We would like as many members as possible to get involved in this opportunity so please think about submitting one or more exhibits. The exhibition will showcase work inspired by branch membership. We are looking for pieces across our 40 years, including of course more recent work. There is no need to make something especially therefore. Many of us have existing beautiful pieces. We thought that we would also show our Capability Brown pieces, so please let us have those if possible. This also gives us the opportunity to show the YE piece that was part of our exhibition at Charlecote and much admired. Brand new pieces are of course also welcome and the theme of Fading Beauty will be included as one section and a potential inspiration.
The exhibition space
There is lots of wall hanging space at the venue so we can accommodate large as well as small pieces. There will be some display space for standing items as well, in cabinets, although less of this.
Insurance and selling items
We are insured by the Guild for up to £25,000 in total so we will need you to give us an insurance value for your work. It is also possible to sell your items through the venue. If you want to do so you will need to let us know the price you are asking. The venue will take a commission of 20%.
Submitting pieces
Pieces must be submitted by our meeting on 10th April. Please do submit more than one piece, and remembering the title, these can be older pieces just say on your information sheet  approximately when it was created.

If we do have more pieces than space then the organising committee will make selections so it is possible that not all work will be displayed.

They must have your name on the back and be carefully packaged with your name on the packaging as well, so that we can keep them safe when we return them. Also please keep a photograph of your work, if name should become detached you may need to identify a piece.

Please make sure that the packages are easy to open and re pack - don't use rolls of sticky tape or tight string as the work will need to be opened and repacked both for planning the display and for hanging.

We are asking you include an information sheet (attached) with your name, the title of the piece and brief details about the inspiration for the work and the methods you used. This information will be used on cards for each piece of work and on laminated information packs that visitors can refer to as they look around. 
Stitching sessions at the Venue
We plan to have drop in stitching sessions on Saturday 29th April and Saturday 13th May when we will hopefully add more leaves to the Library tree. Please put those dates in your diary and join us if you can.
Tell your friends
Please help us spread the word we will have something that you can share with others by the next branch meeting. Artix is open for visitors 10 till 4 Monday to Saturday.

The attachments for your work

Information Sheet to Accompany Each Piece Sent for Exhibition

Your Name

Title of the Work

Estimated Value

Sale Price if Relevant (If not please mark NFS)

Some information about the piece including the date completed, your inspiration, and the methods you used. Any links to specific branch related activities should be included.

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