Saturday, 25 April 2015

April meeting Yurts, Kaks and Yoghurt with Jane Davies

We had a busy meeting with the introduction (well almost) of our new PA system, talking about booking for Westhope,  catching up about the Art Van Gogh workshop and the Regional AGM that some of us were lucky enough to attend.

We then had an interesting and amusing talk from Jane Davies about her adventures with her mother in Kyrgyzstan.  We saw lots of pictures both on the slides and the mental images Jane created in our minds - the facilities in the yurts being particularly vivid! 

We learned about the construction of the yurts - covered with felt and we were delighted to know about the mechanical device for rolling the fleece.  We saw examples of the traditional patterns used for decoration and the inlaid method which is replicated in smaller items including the lovely hat below.

 hat with traditional design

 Souvenirs from Jane's adventure
 Samples of Jane's work using techniques seen in Kyrgyzstan

This month we had our Green Bag Raffles and her are the bags and prizes - I love the apple!

Next month we will be meeting on May 11 and the raffle will be blue so do bring some thing along sewing related or not.  It will be a members meeting to look at travelling books along with a stitch of the month activity for inspiration so bring your sewing kit.

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