Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December Branch Meeting - Clear Vision Tactile Books and Christmas Party

Our branch meeting on Monday (December 8th) will feature a speaker from ClearVision about the tactile books they make for blind and partially sighted children. We will be able to look at a number of sample books, and find out more about how they are made.

An example tactile book.
We hope this will inspire you either to make your own tactile book, or to work together with a guild friend or two to make a book between you for this fabulous cause. If you wanted to bring a camera or a notepad and pen to jot down some ideas you'd be welcome, and ClearVision provide very detailed instructions.

We will also be having a Christmas party, with mince pies, mulled apple juice, and our Christmas raffle. It will be a fun, festive session, so we hope to see you there.

If you're new to the Guild, visitors are welcome, and the first session is free, with a charge of £4 thereafter. Please see here for details of where we meet. See you there!

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