Sunday, 27 July 2014

August 2nd Library special - change of location

Join us for a Celebration of Stitch at Library of Birmingham on National Stitch Day. 

We will be in the library as usual on the first Saturday of the month for our usual mix of stitching and chat but for this special occasion we will be on the 3rd floor.  The area is outside the Gallery – so come up the escalators and then turn left  towards the back of the building, away from Broad Street. We will be in the space on the right hand side, overlooking the side terrace.

We will be there from 10.30 until 4 pm;  everyone is welcome to pop along for an hour or so or to stay for longer if you can.

We are on the library website so have a look.

We will be giving people the opportunity to create a leaf doodle with members around to help those who need it.

We will also have binca for children to have a go for the very young we have pasta shapes for them to thread onto wool.

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