Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Summer Fun: Joggles Classes

This week in our Summer Fun series we are featuring embroidery classes from Joggles.
Joggles do classes in a wide range of subjects, several of which may be of interest to embroiderers, including:

  • Tandleton Rose Bracelet - starting on August 13th, stitch a bracelet with ribbon and embroidery thread roses and leaves.
  • Scarves to Dye For - starting on August 23rd, learn dye techniques to make simple and beautiful lace, silk and ribbon scarves.
These classes have already started, but are still open for registration:
  • Beadoodlery - freeform stitched design for creative beading
  • Beetles in Stumpwork - suitable for beginner to intermediate embroiderers
  • Sketchn' Contour Embroidery - Using the technique of Contour Line drawing to develop these drawings into embroideries
  • One Stitch - Learn to use traditional embroidery stitches in an abstract and creative way; hand sewing only
Classes range in price from about $24 - $35, which is about £15.50 to £22. For that you get several weeks of teaching, with detailed PDFs to guide you through the course, as well as access to a discussion board to share your work with the tutor and other students, as well as getting advice on how to progress. You do need to provide the materials used, as the classes are all online, however a materials list is provided, and the staff at Joggles are very helpful too.

There are loads of classes on offer, and more will be added in September - see here for details.

We hope that this has inspired you to get sewing. Look out for next week's instalment in our 'Summer Fun' series.

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