Monday, 17 December 2012

Stitch of the Month - Running Stitch

This month's stitch, chosen by Marilyn, is Running Stitch. While it is a very simple stitch, it can be used in many effective ways and variations.

fabric collage ready

Peregrine Blue on Flickr has used running stitch in a very simple manner on this collage to add texture.

fabric collage ready

Running stitch can be pulled or drawn, causing the fabric to ripple in an interesting way, as with the above closeup of Peregrine Blue's collage.

Running stitch embroidery of an elephant

It can also be used to build up a picture, as in this elephant, also from Peregrine Blue.

TAST Running Stitch

Luci F has used simple running/straight stitches to emphasise parts of this printed design, adding texture.

stitched resists
stitched resists

Lovefibre used running stitch to form a resist on these pieces of fabric before dyeing them. They've come out fantastically - she has more photos on her photostream.

Another great use of running stitches is in traditional Kantha work. For an interesting take on Kantha, see this post on Linda Kemshall's blog.

Craftster Hoopla Swap R4 To Kanawinkie (6)

You could also try a seed stitch, lots of running stitches scattered over a surface. I've used them in a very regular fashion on the top of this piece.

How about whipping or interlacing a line of running stitch? You could vary the thread you use for the whipping or interlacing, to add variety. We'd love to see what you do with running stitch, you could post pictures on our Facebook page, or bring things along to our next meeting.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Crazy Quilt Stitching Inspiration

If you're enjoying finishing up your crazy patchwork cushion, and looking for some inspiration for the embroidery, then Sharon Boggon (who runs the fabulous 'In A Minute Ago' stitch dictionary) is an avid embroiderer and crazy quilter. She has posted a series on her blog detailing a crazy quilt she has made. Sharon includes descriptions and photos of each seam on her blog, so it would be well worth taking a look at for inspiration - Crazy Quilt Details and Crazy Quilt Seam Treatments.

There's also a great Pinterest board full of inspiring pictures here.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Beautiful Mini Cushions

The Birmingham branch are lucky to have June Parkinson as a member, and on Monday she joined us to teach us how to make sumptuious mini cushions. June brought along a couple of examples of lovely finished cusions, and then set us going on making our own, from the pattern provided.

They were surprisingly easy to make, and everyone made good progress. I went home and finished the piecing for mine, and I plan to do lots of lovely hand embroidery over the Christmas break:

Crazy patch

Monday, 3 December 2012

Reminder: December Members Session Requirements List

Just a reminder that the requirements list for next week's members session is available here:

Please note - as some materials and the patterns are being provided for this session, we would be grateful if each member could contribute 50p towards the cost of materials and photocopying. Thank you!