Friday, 15 June 2012

Stitch of the Month: Herringbone Stitch

After some lovely examples of webs and wheels last month, this month's stitch is Herringbone Stitch:
tast 2012 #5: herringbone stitch
(Sampler by hetkabinet on Flickr)

For some stitch instructions, take a look at SharonB's stitch dictionary, which includes standard herringbone stitch, and two variations; double 1 and double 2.

Once you've mastered it, why not try varying the size and orientation of the stitches:
Variation of herringbone stitch

(by murgelchen on Flickr)
Layering in different colours:
Herringbone Stitch - Woven
(from Mary Corbet on Flickr)
Using it to build up a design:

05 - Herringbone Stitch (2)
(From magpieslaundry on Flickr)
you could also try varying the threads you stitch with, lacing it with ribbon or wool, working it in a circle, beading it, anything to see what different effects you get.

Another stitch in the same family is the twisted lattice band:
(From Sharon B)
What effects can you get? We'd love to see your samples next month!

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