Thursday, 22 March 2012

From Angora To Yak with Teresinha Roberts

On Monday the 12th of March, we welcomed Teresinha Roberts to speak to us about a whole range of animal fibres. She brought lots of samples, both of raw fibres, and of yarn, knitted and woven samples and items:

From Angora To Yak 2012-03-12 (2)

A selection of samples from fibres from very old sheep breeds:
From Angora To Yak 2012-03-12 (1)

A possom/shetland blend, which is lovely and soft. The possum is actually a pest in New Zeland, so the fibre has come from attempts to reduce the population there.
From Angora To Yak 2012-03-12 (5)

A fibre with a strange origin - milk protein! It was really very soft and squishy.
From Angora To Yak 2012-03-12 (4)

Teresinha has a wonderful presentation style, and the talk was marvellous, interesting and informative, but not too technical. We enjoyed finding out more about the history of many animals we had heard of before, and quite a few that were totally new to us.

For more information on Teresinha, see her website - Wild Fibres.

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