Monday, 23 January 2012

Lost in Lace at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Yesterday, after a lovely coffee and cake, several members of Birmingham Embroiderers' Guild went to have a look round the Lost In Lace exhibition at Birmingham Museum.

First, we stopped off at the Concealed and Revealed exhibition, on the bridge Gallery. This featured items from BMAG's own collection of lace artifacts, paintings and a lace pillow. We were fascinated by all the beautiful and intricate lace on show, and were grateful to Anne, who talked us through the lacemaking process.

We then went down to the Gas Hall, which was full of large scale, very impressive, and sometimes slightly intimidating pieces of work.

Lacing Space

Moucharabieh Jardin de lit, lit de jardin 1

After The Dream

I particularly liked Forty Eight by Nils Volker, who had constructed pillowcase-like bags out of Tyvek, and set them up so that they gently inflated and deflated in sequences. It was mesmerising, and haunting, like watching someone sleeping:

The other piece which we loved was Tamar Frank's A Thin Line Between Space And Matter, which was a lot of fine threads constructed like the pin patterns we'd made as children, except in three dimensions, inside a dark room, lit by colour changing LEDs. The curved shapes made by the lines changed as you walked around the piece. It was rather a spooky experience:

 A Thin Line Between Space and Matter 4

All in all, it was a very enjoyable day out, and lovely to look round the exhibition with likeminded people who share our interest in textiles.

Next time, we are planning to go to the Back to Backs - leave a comment here or come and find me at a guild meeting if you'd like to come along.

- Heather

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